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Mom and Lucy 2413


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First attempt at cloning the other iris into her right eye.

I put the cloning layer right above the background layer. Is that correct?

Now the iris is a slightly different colour. Is that to be expected with glasses or should I be able to get it more the same colour? I messed about with channel mixer but couldn't get anything that looked useful.

DSC02413 edit 2.jpg

DSC02413 edit 2 screenshot.jpg

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Deleted the last attempt. LOL

Blank layer above the channel mixer layer & cloned iris.

So...I zoomed into the photo, and alt click the clone stamp in the centre of the iris (relatively small) and then in the other eye, I matched up the iris (and reflecting window) and tried to clone the iris without messing up the eyelids. Is that the best way?

DSC02413 edit 3 screenshot.jpg

DSC02413 edit 3.jpg

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