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Part 4: Record the steps

Step 1: Duplicate the image

This first step isn’t entirely necessary, but it guarantees that you’ll never save your small file over your big one. Anyone who’s ever done that will testify to the sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise that your big masterpiece has been replaced by a tiny unprintable version.

Choose Image > Duplicate.


Immediately press Ok. Don’t change the file name in any way – that comes later.


Step 2: Flatten the layers

Choose Layer > Flatten Image:


Step 3: Resize

Choose File > Automate > Fit Image …


… and enter 2048 in both fields, then press Ok:


(You can use a smaller value if you like, but 2048px is Facebook's standard size, so I think we should stick with it.  More info about Facebook images in this article.)

Let’s check your Actions Panel at this point. You should have recorded three steps so far, and it should be looking like this:


With me so far?  Great, let's keep going ...

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