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Vintage look

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Hi Damien,

I'm trying to achieve this vintage look (sorry for the poor phone pic). I've attached my original photo and my sad attempt at editing it. I'm also not sure how to get the background darker. Thanks so much for anything you can do to help!




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You've done a good job.

But for kicks, can you try something for me?  Turn off all your layers for now, so you're back to the SOOR.  Then add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer, and check the "Monochrome" checkbox.  Enter 0, 0, +100, 0 for the four values. This will turn the photo black-and-white.  Then lower the opacity of that layer to your taste (I found that about 60% is good).

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Thank you!

I've added the monochrome layer and a levels layer to bring down the contrast a little. I also added a slight pink color layer to his cheeks because the original has that on it. How does this look?


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