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New monitor. Need help with calibarating

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I purchased the Dell ultrasharp u2715H per Damien's recommendation and it's lovely.  But, I'm still having issues.  I have an i1Display Pro and I'm struggling with getting everything to look ok. I calibrated following the instructions for that device but it now looks very cool and I have to turn the monitor brightness down so low to match my print.  I'm ready to completely give up.  Not sure why I can't get this right, but I'm now so darn paranoid to send a print order in.  The monitor has settings for Gamma (pc or mac).  Not sure what to use.  Came set to pc.  I use a mac.



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Well, I tried re calibrating and now it looks great.  I lowered the brightness slightly to get it close to my print and feel like it is good.  I'm just nervous trying to order. I've had so man issues that I don't feel like it will ever be perfect.  

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