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The device will take a minute to read black, red, green, blue and white. Then it will pause here:


During my testing, I found that sometimes the software stopped to ask me to put the brightness up to maximum; but other times it didn’t. I confess I don’t understand why. Anyway, do it if it asks you to.

I trust this will be self-explanatory. After reading the message window and pressing OK to close it, you look at the brightness bar, then use the brightness controls in your computer’s control panel to adjust its brightness up or down as needed to get the white bar in the green zone. Each time you tweak your screen’s brightness, press the “Update” button to refresh the reading.

If you’re on a PC, Alt-Tab is what you use to switch quickly between programs. If you’re on a Mac, it’s Cmd-Tab. This allows you to quickly flick between the Spyder window and the Display window where your brightness slider is.

Somewhat surprisingly, I was able to hit exactly 80 with my screen. Don’t worry if you can’t do that – as long as you’re within the green zone, you’re fine.


Once your brightness is good, press “Continue“.

Profiling >>

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