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Calibration help please

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Heya D,

So my local lab that I've used for years closed. I'm about to start ordering my prints from another lab, but I keep reading everywhere that I should "calibrate for the lab". I don't know how to do that, specifically? I have a Spyder 3Express and have always been happy with the prints from my local lab - but all I ever did was plug in the Spyder, run calibration and Bob's yer uncle. This lab has provided the settings to calibrate to (White point 6500k, Gamma 2.2, brightness 100-120cdms) but I haven't a clue how to set any of that manually - I've always just let the tool do its thing and haven't had to change anything. I'll add that I haven't ordered test prints yet - I have a client order to fill, I'm not sure whether my best plan of attack is to try and calibrate to their specifications first, then order test prints, then client prints if the test ones are ok, or order test prints first and only fiddle with the calibration if the test prints are no good. 

Can you clue a sister in, please? :D

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Your Spyder3Express gives you buggerall control over those options.

For now, you don't need to do anything different.  Just order the test prints.  Order them from a few labs, would be my recommendation.

When you get them in, hit me up and we'll talk further about the calibration.

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Ok, will do. I'm hoping to go with Seldex in Sydney, as I'll be getting my portfolio boxes and mats from there, so they can assemble them for me and they'll arrive ready to deliver to my clients. Much easier than getting them from elsewhere and fiddling about getting prints into too-tight mats myself. 

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