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I'm trying to help a friend with a snapshot from her wedding 11 yrs ago. This is her favorite picture, but of course she would prefer it without other people in it. I could crop it square but there is still a man behind. Is there any hope for this one? It seems especially tricky with white behind her and multiple colors behind him and his hair. 

I don't have a preference for the background, Whatever would be easiest. I could take a wall or window from other images that day but none are the right size, so I would have to enlarge the background substantially.

The image is only 1504x999px so maybe it's already a lost cause? I'd like to help her have something from her wedding day to hang up though.


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Sadly, I have exactly what she has. I went to her house to double check. It must've gotten resized years ago but we can't get the full size now.

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Ok, so I'd start by opening it in your raw program and fixing the white balance.

Then in PS, draw guides where you think your square crop will go, and add a clone layer to clone out the bits of people on either side.

Then choose a light-coloured "Solid Color" layer, and mask it onto the background, over the guy.

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Here's a screenshot of my start.

I added a layer on top with black sides to hide the clutter... I can remove it.

I think I am done masking on the right and left sides until I get to their hair and between their faces. Is there a tip for hair... or just the awesome shift-click?


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