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Monitor is too dark

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Hi Damien,

I have been following your calibration directions for a few years now. The other day I received prints in the mail that are terrible. I decided to fully recalibrate my laptop. I have the Spyder 4 Pro. When I start to recalibrate my computer  the software ,even at just having one bar for brightness, reads that my screen is at 16 and you suggest at least 90. To get my screen that bright I have to raise the bars so high it doesn't come close to matching my prints. Do you have any suggestions? I used to keep my brightness at 4 bars and it was perfect but now it won't even finish calibrating with it that low. Thanks in advance!

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Yes and it doesn't seem as off as the most recent prints did but definitely cooler. I'm going to dig today for more prints and compare some other images. In the meantime though should I just lower the brightness back down to where it matches even though when I  calibrated it had me raise it up so high?

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