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ACR White Balance Dropper Tool

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I’m one of the converts to Bridge/ACR from Lightroom. It took some doing and a lot of kicking and screaming but I’m glad I made the switch as my workflow is much faster and cleaner now. One thing I really miss though is the auto zoomed in selection to the individual pixel level when using the dropper tool for adjusting white balance in LR (see picture) as there can be somtimes be a surprising and unexpected variation between adjacent pixels. ACR doesn’t seem to have this. Just wondering if there is anything I’m missing or could be doing differently to obtain the most accurate selection in ACR first time. I know I can zoom in but then I have to zoom out again each time to access the difference. I find this particular process slower in ACR as a result.


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It's interesting that you raise this, because I don't think the white dropper in ACR is great either.

However, it's not the LR picker functionality that I yearn for - instead, I wish you could right-click with the tool, like you can with the eyedropper in Photoshop, and choose your sample size.  In Photoshop, you can choose to sample a single pixel, or an average of the surrounding 9, 25, 121, etc pixels.  This would be so good to have in the raw programs.  Even better than the functionality you've referenced here.

I'm rambling.  The answer is "no", sorry.

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