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DOF issue - wife is too big

Maria S

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Hi Damien, 

I'm trying to decide if I should edit and provide this photo as is (which will bother me and there are plenty of others, but not looking at the camera on the sofa) or if there is a way to easily "shrink" the woman in the photo so she makes sense with her husband, who was sitting further back on the sofa.  I'm inclined to just toss it, but it was a free session for them with their elderly dog, so I'm just torn about tossing something that could be precious to them once she passes.  Just a print screen for now since I suspect you're going to tell me to toss it. Thanks! 

print screen.JPG

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You have total control over your notifications here -- this isn't FB. ;)  Here's how you can set them up: 

And I'd encourage you to read through that whole "getting started" thread to learn the features of this site, if you haven't already!

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I think I got them set up properly now, thank you! I actually read the set-up/getting started at least twice but I have been sick for a long time so perhaps I am just thick. =) Thanks!


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