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Windows reinstall

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Hey, I recently calibrated my monitor with a borrowed spyder pro ( new monitor old calibrator and can't afford one atm,so it was my best option to borrow one ).... All was well but my video card just shat itself and long story short I'm having to upgrade motherboard and reinstall windows :( Im able to back up files and such working with on board video card ( it's awful) so I am wondering if I can back up current colour calibration ? This may be a dummie question but I have to ask since I can't find any straight answers on Google haha. It would be hugely appreciated if you can let me know if it is possible and point me in the direction of a tutorial of sorts to do so. Thanks

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Can you point me in the general direction of where I would find the files to back up? Will it be in with spyder files? Or windows files, and also what sort of extension am I looking for? 

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