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Senior Pictures

Hope Oien

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I don't have the money to do senior photos with a professional so I have people take them for me and then edit them. I've tried everything I can to fix the small messed up spot around the elbow of the left arm. I also have a few other pictures that I need help with if anyone is willing to take a look at them.

Christmas Card Picture.JPG

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Hope, do you understand how layers and masks work?  That will be vital for this kind of removal work, and if you don't know how to mask an edit off of a layer, I HIGHLY recommend Damien's Layers & Masks class, for only $32. :)

I would first do all the raw processing (exposure, white balance, noise removal, etc.).  Then on the SOOR, I would probably (1) duplicate a large chunk of the good grass on the left side, enough to cover the entire bench, so including some of the swing chains, (2) clone out the chains on that new duplicated chunk, (3) move that chunk over on top of the bench, and (4) mask it off.

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