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Selective color change on woven textile

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I have a semi-complicated one :)

I am both a photographer and I own a woven baby wrap company. We did a first run of this fabric but have since decided to change the weave which means that the hands/ heart logo inside the lines and geometric parts of the design will not be contrasting colors but will the same as the lines (i.e. the heart and hand logo (currently pink) in the blue design half of the wrap will need to be changed to blue and visa versa (so, purple background with one half entirely blue design and the other half entirely pink design).

I did shoot RAW I've only done the most basic of RAW adjustments. I've included an example (up close image) as well just because I'm not sure I'm being clear about the changes LOL...

that one was easier to manage because the texture of the fabric was not lost...






February_130216_1758 copy 2.jpg


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You have indeed! Thank you!!!


Is it okay for me to download and use the image with the changes?


PS- I'd love to know what method you used. I found the pink to be much, much harder to change than the blue...

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LOL!!!! thank you!

Next time I'm in AUS, I owe you a drink  I've been following for years and although I rarely post, I'm incredibly grateful for your openness to teaching and sharing your expertise!!!


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