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PSE uploading issues

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I imported photos from my SD card, saved to a file on my computer, then imported them into Elements. I edited a handful, showed my sil...they're from my bil's wedding, just personal ones...then I went back to my catalog and they were gone. So I immediately tried importing them to PSE again, they... say they cannot be imported because they already exist in the catalog. I CANNOT find them ANYWHERE!!! So today I imported from the SD card again, thinking if I put them in a different folder, and they had a different upload date on them, that I could trick my Elements. No such luck. I am so upset right now. I have pictures on there I am using for Christmas gifts, and some of my own family I'd like to print. Anyone have any ideas, or the magic answer on where the pictures could be in my catalog, why I can't find them, or how to fix this?!?

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I didn't even know that was an option! After 5 years of using it, I never knew. Thank you, I will try that. My only issue there is, not being able to see what the photo is, since they haven't been converted from RAW until they are in PSE.

Again, thank you!

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