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Returning to raw default settings in Bridge?

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So I was playing around with batch editing with a preset in Bridge through cut/paste in Develop Settings. (Please Note: I know this is *not* how to do Raw processing and every image would have different raw settings, but I was just trying to get a feel for the features of Bridge.) Now, in punishment for my transgressions, all the images I upload to Bridge have these particular settings and I can't figure out how to turn it off. I have even tried the copy/paste technique with a different set of settings to see if that changed them and it still reverts to the first batch of settings I entered.

Of course, I don't want *any* auto settings applied when I upload to Bridge, so how do I revert back to defaults? Help! 



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That doesn't seem to work. Even when I open in ACR, the "default" option is greyed out, as if it thinks it's already on default. The only way to get rid of the settings seems to be to open ACR and use the "clear all" preset that came in the bundle of presets I was trying. Of course it's stuck on the absolute ugliest of the bunch...


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