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Really small JPEGs from PSDs?

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When I try to convert PSDs to JPEGs using the Image Processor, I am ending up with really small JPEGs . The smallest PSD in the folder is 21.3 MB; W=3275 H=2483 =9,249,175. When I save the PSD as a JPG with the Image Processor, with a quality of 11, it cut it down to 1.3MB. For some reason, I thought the files would end up bigger? The client wants several large canvases - I just want to make sure the files will be large enough for enlargement!


Am I completely missing something?

Thanks so much.

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Don't confuse megabytes and megapixels.  :)  The PSD files are going to be much larger in terms of the amount of data they hold (megaBYTES), because they contain all your layers and edit data.  The JPG will compress that data as it flattens the PSD layers.

How large are the JPG files in megaPIXELS?  As long as they're still 3275x2483, as they started out, then you haven't messed up the Image Processor settings and it's doing exactly what it should be doing.

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