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Moire and discolouring


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I am having problems with discolouration of a mans jacket, and moire once I've saved it. The attached images show the issue.


SOOR in ACR.png


Editing in ACR.png


Savedjpegat1500pxwide.jpg 100%crop_jacket.jpg

The moire and colour appears worse after editing when I open in Photoshop (although the moire is fine at 100%). The images are for web only though, so I need it gone!

The colour is fine in some images but gets worse with editing in others (like this image). In some I've been able to reduce the purple in Hue and Saturation (I haven't in this example to show it clearly). Is the only option to do this reduction or should I take it into PS and do something else? Apologies if this should be posted as two separate questions, I just feel that it stems from the same problem. 

Thank you!



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No problem, it's an easy fix.  Just sample an area of good colour of the suit (the colour you think it's meant to be) then add a Solid Color adjustment layer of that colour.  Set the layer's blend mode to "Color".  Then mask it on to the suit.

Afterwards, you can of course double-click the layer to tweak the colour a bit, to your satisfaction.

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