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Damien Symonds

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The Creativity Class

Cost: $10     Membership period: 12 months

This class is not for Photoshop Elements, sorry.

This class shows you an amazing number of ways to play with the colour in your photos, for unique artistic effects.

Please note: This class is for colour-loving photographers.  If your style is all muted and pastel-y, this one's not for you.  But if you love loud/bright/vivid tones in your images, you're in the right place.

Even though it's a short class, it opens up avenues which you can spend hours and hours exploring where your whims take you. So please don't join the class if it's your busy period right now.  Wait until you can devote some time to it.

Yes, I love colour; and I'm ready to spend a bit of time having fun with my photos >>

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