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replace background behind sheer scarf


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Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to replace the background behind the purple scarf? I have done a rough masking job replacing the background, and I am just wondering if there is a way to fix or atleast minimise how obvious the paling behind her scarf is. I have attached the SOOR, the edit and the 100% crop :) Thanks In Advance

askdamien EDIT.jpg

askdamien SOOR.jpg


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I hadn't read that yet, but thankyou. Damien managed to write that article pretty much how the situation played out for me- except I never got the hooray at the end. I figured I'd have luck in blend modes and I tried pretty much exactly this but I struggle because the white is brighter than the rock I am trying to put in there, and I can't get the end result with the purple looking believable. Maybe I needed to have a more patient go... Gee I wish I was dealing with a white scarf, I feel I could have gotten it by now ??



wow Damien, you truely are the master! That looks so much better than any of my attempts

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Yes after going away and seeing yours before I scrolled down to mine, your right- I think I need to go with a slightly more opaque brush. I'll reattempt that! Thanks again ???

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