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Urgent Fix! Mesh Dress Wrinkles


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 I recently shot some head shots and the dress the client wore has a beige slip along with an alternating solid and mesh striped dress. I did not notice these wrinkles when shooting as it looks quite different without the flash to your eyes. I have limited "repair" skills in photoshop, but I have tried what I know and it's not working for me. There are many of this session that have no issues, but there are several with this same issue, so I am hoping to learn a new technique and apply to the other photos. Thanks for any help!! I'm including the sooc, my edited with wrinkles untouched, and the cropped area.




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Damien may have some good tricks for you (in like 8 hours or so, when it's not the middle of the night for him), but while you're waiting for him -- can you post a few of the photos from this session that didn't have these wrinkles?  Because I suspect your best bet may be taking a chunk of unwrinkled mesh from another photo and replacing the wrinkled sections here.

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