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?Color Space Issue? When Emaling/Opening On Phone

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 I recently updated from PS6 to CC as well as updated my version of LR. I’ve edited 2 sessions since updating. Both sessions look fine on my PC as far as color range and what not. When I email a photo and open it on my phone it’s flat/desaturated which made me think it’s a color space issue. I've checked both LR and PS and it seems to be using sRGB but I’m sure I’m missing something. I reached out to my client and had her send me one of the photos I sent her to be sure she received the correct coloring. What she sent over was fine. I then took it a step farther and emailed myself a photo that I had edited before the update. I opened it on my phone and it was fine. I emailed the flat image from my phone and opened it on my PC and it's now reading normal. So confusing!  Anyone know why images since updating are reading fine on my PC and in dropbox but desaturated and flat when emailed and opened on my phone?

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I did. I ended up finding another link you shared with someone that fixed it for me. I was hoping I could save the images and found another helpful link that you shared with someone and walked through the steps but I got the dreaded "you're screwed" message so sad I had to reedit the entire session. Thankfully my client was a dream about everything. 

Thank you for all that you do. You've saved my butt countless times. On my way to lave a little thank you donation. 

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