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Fuzzy Printing

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I have 2 images out of 20 that are printing fuzzy. This is a screenshot from ROES. They look just like they are printing.  I added the 2 fuzzy ones (1 & 2)  and 2 normal (non fuzzy) ones (3 & 4) for comparison. File sizes are all over 200 mb. All 300 PPI... color profile srGb. File properties are the same minus dimensions and file size. I have no idea why they are doing this? Any ideas? What am I missing? 






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I dont know what other specs i should be looking at. I wanted to be sure that the size and resolution were the same as my thinking is that that could affect the printing. But, I guess it is irrelevant because they are the same and those images are printing off. What else should I check? Prints came back from TinyPrints, Walmart and my lab looking pretty much just like they do in those screenshots. 

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Yeah, this is all wrong.  You can't just upload uncropped, unresized, unsharpened files, and expect them to print properly.

As I said earlier, your 8x10 print jpegs should be (usually) between 500KB and 2MB.



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I can see the noise.

Ive taken RAW and levels...years ago. I'll do the print/sharpening class...hoping that'll help with output. In the meantime, will reducing noise in RAW and then editing fix this? I need to get these two files back to my client. 

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