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How to "save" color calibration in Windows 7

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PLEASE somebody help me if you can. This is a nightmare of a problem. I'm an artist. The screen colors are crucial to me. But when I recently replaced my defective Acer monitor with another one exactly like it, the colors were wrong. And the monitor's rudimentary adjustment controls are useless. Then I discovered the Windows 7 calibration feature, which makes the colors look just right. HOWEVER... when I get to the end of the process and click "SAVE," I get a pop--up message saying calibration "cannot be saved" due to "other programs running." But there are no other programs running. I have now read DOZENS of questions on sites all over the web, going back several years, about this same issue, but NOBODY has a solution that works. (Some solutions involve creating an "Administrator" user on my computer, but the instructions don't match what I see on my screen.) I am almost completely computer illiterate, so if you have an answer, could you make it CLEAR and SIMPLE enough for a dummy like myself to understand? Thanks very much.

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