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Adding a tattoo/writing

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Hello. So i wouldnt normally try this but we have to keep our clients happy right? Maternity client wants some text added to her belly. I cant get it to look right. Ive been watching tutorials about adding tattoos in ps etc. Do you have any tips for me? I have added one of my pics and the example she has given me.



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She wants "it all started with a kiss" Not fussed about the lips though. And yes to look like its hand written.

Not much difference between these two. It still just looks like copy and paste to me. I followed a video about displacement.

first try.jpg


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Download the PSD

I strongly recommend you do what I did - that is, rotate the writing file so it's nice and straight, then crop it in a bit, then save it, before using it.

You MUST NOT COPY AND PASTE the writing file onto the photo.  You MUST use File>Place, so that it comes in as a smart object. This is vital.  As a smart object, you can rotate and warp the layer as often as you like, without losing the previous adjustments.

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