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LOVING this crisp clean edit for weddings - help!

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I recently found Calli B Photography and am absolutely in love with her beautiful editing, it looks so clean and crisp, super sharp, but not on the skin. The images in her website header l was especially drawn to - they seem like the saturation or vibrance has been boosted but without looking over saturated or 'overcooked' like so many of mine do when l try this.

Even images where the subject is in shade, there is still a brightness & freshness to them that l love.

After many, many hours spent poring over her site l have realised much of it possibly due to her lenses (?) as well as the way she uses light, but if anyone can pinpoint the basics of her editing style l would be forever grateful. I seriously have a girl crush LOL!

(my bride photo is backlit, but there was flash in the foreground with a diffuser so l am hoping it is good enough to work with.)




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