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Another Dam New computer Question! :-)


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Hi There Brian

My editing PC is in the grips of the blue screen of death and is taking it's final gasps as I type this on my laptop! :-)  I am finally getting a new one ( old one is also over 7 yrs old and unable to be upgraded any more).

I have read through many of the posts about new computers and some of my questions have been answered.

I am going to build a custom PC and these are the components I'm thinking of........could you please comment on whether I am on the right track or wether there is something I have missed/not thought about or if something is overkill and I could save money by doing something different. I am not particularly fluent in techie computer speak so I'll be talking in laymans terms.

I do not need a screen as I already have an excellent 27in  Dell one.

The following is the basic list of what I'm considering:

32gb ram

240 SSD for operating systems only

2x 2TB HDD in raid setup

Asus motherboard

Nividia 1070 graphics card



Cheers Karen


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The one thing that sticks out is the 240GB SSD. I'd get this instead:

Samsung 850 PRO - 512GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7KE512BW) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LF10KTO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_uRs7xbCF9YMYS

240GB is microscopic by today's standards. Even if it's just for the OS. Keep in mind, after formatting you won't have 240GB to play with. Combine that with Windows Updates, it's better to get a HD that's close to 500GB for the OS. 

You also sound like me, holding onto computers until they die or on a 7-8 year cycle. I also like Asus Motherboards. I'd look for one that can go up to 64GB, but 32GB is perfect for today. 

Graphics Cards are more important as far as Adobe is concerned, so make sure your power supply has enough wattage to support it and everything else in your computer. 

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I was only using a 240g SSd because I had one put into my old computer recently to try and speed things up a bit and was going to reuse it :-)

I will definitely look into a 500g one instead :-)



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It could work, and I'm all about recycling stuff and not spending more than you have to, but I've just come across too many clients of mine who are running out of HD space lately. Almost all of them state that they "Just have the OS and Backup Software...maybe a program or two..." and are routinely getting messages that they are low on HD space. So in my humble opinion, I wouldn't go any less than 500GB for a Main C:\ Drive. Even if it's just the OS.

Since you have a 240GB SSD drive and it works, I'd get one of these enclosures and convert it to a EHD. No sense throwing it away.

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