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Can't play back image

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Hi, posting a question for my friend if that is ok. She recently had a photo shoot where her photos started saying "can't play back image" when she went back to look at them. After pressing the shutter, they were visible. The 5 newest photos were visible but as she took new ones, the older ones started returning the same message. She could always only view the 5 or so newest photos. (Gosh, I hope my explanation makes sense.)


Upon uploading to her computer, she got the same message when trying to view them in Lightroom. 


Is there anything she can do to fix this?

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How does your friend transfer the images from her camera to computer? With the camera itself or a card reader?

What type of card is it and how old?

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What camera and what is the capacity of the card? I’ve seen some camera bodies be not compatible with cards larger than 64GB. I’ve had some that would write to a 128GB card (or 256GB card) once and then have nothing but problems writing to it a second or third time. 

My best guess is, corrupted card or one that isn’t compatible with her camera.

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First, you stated that it was a “Ultra Micro SD” card, and your last post said it was a SD card.

Ultra Micro and SD are two different things. Yes, you can use a Ultra Micro Card and put it into a SD adapter, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing this. Too much can happen when you use those adapters, especially in-camera. Your friend needs to use a full fledged SD card with no adapters, such as this one:


SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXXY-064G-GN4IN

Hopefully she doesn’t have a Micro SD card in a adapter, because if she does, we are looking at data recovery or a re-shoot  


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Sorry about the confusion. She said micros SD - I just shortened it to SD without realizing it would cause confusion. She is using a micro SD card and adapter.

How do you advise going about recovering the photos?

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On 8/3/2022 at 8:55 PM, Josie Stahl said:

She is using a micro SD card and adapter.


DO NOT USE THOSE "ADAPTER" CARDS IN CAMERA, All those adapters are meant for is to convert the Micro SD Card to SD so you can dump images into your computer. (Like if you have a device such as a GoPro that only uses Micro SD Cards.) Your friend is looking at spending money. She will need a card reader, such as this one that has a Micro USB slot:

SanDisk ImageMate PRO USB Type-C Multi-Card Reader/Writer

and Data Recovery software, such as RescuePro Deluxe.

Then have the software scan the card. I'm hoping she will be lucky and have access to the images, BUT THERE IS A VERY GOOD CHANCE THAT SHE IS F*CKED, to put it bluntly. Especially if the images are corrupted. I'm sorry, Garbage-In-Garbage-Out.

But let's jump off that Bridge when we get to it. :)

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