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Sizing for wall mural

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I have  client that I am creating a wall mural approx 14m wide x 2.5m high. I consists of 6 istock images collaged/ masked together to for the final effect. The company printing the wallpaper for me have offered to prepare the artwork at no extra charge (?!) so I thought great, will save me time! They are now saying they are concerned that the size of the images will be pixelated when blown up. All of the images are 4299 x 2848 px. This is the largest size I can purchase on istock, and I thought this would be plenty big enough. Is56baf26bbb25f_Option1.thumb.jpg.0e3561d2 this going to work, I have produced wall art like this before with no problems?? (image of wall attached)

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I know, it makes me worried they can't really do it. I just checked and some of the images are even bigger (sky is 5647x3765). They also need to fiddle about with desaturating the images to get this effect. So you reckon it'll be fine?


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