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My ACR screen is expanded and I can no longer see the menus

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Clearly I have done something to my ACR, but am not exactly sure just what.  I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous....haha.

When I open an image in ACR the screen is larger than normal.  My open image, cancel and done windows are hidden behind my windows menu bar on the bottom RH portion of my screen. 

How do I remedy this so I don't have to change the orientation of my windows every time I wish to open an image after adjustments are made in ACR?

thank you! 


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Hi Damien!

yes, I do have that button.  Thank you, I had forgotten about that feature.  

So,  I clicked on that button and the screen went smaller (obviously) and then I stretched the screen to fit my monitor.  Did my adjustments (which I learned in your AMAZING raw class - thank you for that!) and opened the image in PS.  Went back to another ACR edit 2x now and the screen is back to how it should be.  What did I really do? I have no idea, but try that!



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