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File Size Question

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I have a client that is requesting 'high res' files. I've cropped them all  so that they are at least 3000x2000 which I understood to be the recommended size to print any size you like. They are between about 2MB and 5MB.  They're trying to print themselves and whatever website they're using is giving them a warning that the photo is poor quality. Am I right or have I done something wrong?!

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No, you're right.  This is a common problem, sadly.  Those "dumb" websites have no parameters for enlargement, they just look for numbers of pixels.

Everyone who sells digital files face this problem from time to time.  It's yet another reason why you should be aiming to shift your business model towards printing, not selling digitals.

For now, find out what size they are trying to print, and which files, and resize them specifically and send them again.

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