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Please advise how I can achieve the following look

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Good Afternoon Damien. Can you please advise how I achieve the following look. The reference image in question can be found at http://www.laurenjoyphotography.com/wedding-portfolio, on the main page it is the 8th image after the galleries. It is the image with the couple under the umbrella in the greenery. To assist you in identifying which image I have taken a screenshot as there is no individual link or reference I can give beyond the main page.  I am unsure how to correctly describe the look of the image that I like, it is the tones of the greens but also the warmth of skin, the depth of colour without oversaturation, and the clarity and richness of the colour tones. I have also uploaded a image of my own, if it is not similar enough please advise and I will provide an alternate image. Thank you for your assistance. 




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