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No I didn't. I will review this and redo. I don't have current prints to compare to it. As per your instructions, should I get prints before I try your method or give it go and then order prints?

I have to go do barn chores right now but will be back in 30 minutes :)

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Hi Damien,

You are most likely asleep I realize. I am about 14 hours behind you so it can be challenging to to connect. I received my prints and started the calibration last night. I ran into some difficulty with the very first step though that I will try to trouble shoot this evening. When I went into my computer system to ensure the screen wasn't automatically adjusting the brightness, I realized that my laptop was not recognizing my external monitor, even when pressing the detect button. I am doing some research today and will get back at it this evening after work.

Many thanks!


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