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Photo needs printed large for funeral

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Hello all. My photography teacher, mentor and friend Tom, has died. His family wants to use a photo I took at his service. The only file we can find on his computer, my computer or our emails is small. Here are the dimensions: 480x672 pixels (5x7inches) 96 ppi

His family wants to blow this up to a 16x20 inch or 24x36 inch. Tom was a master printer as well as photographer and we do not want to do him wrong. Unfortunately, this is a question I would normally ask him. 

I read your articles on this and I just want to make sure this can be printed large. It's razor sharp and in focus. I'll attach the photo so you can see. 

Thank you!


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1 minute ago, misstea said:

Yes, I did. So I'm looking at about 3.2 megapixels correct? And that's way too small for a large print... Would it still print at an 8x10 size? 


No, you're missing a decimal place.  This is 0.32 megapixels. :(  (Mega = million.)  You're barely even on the curve in the graph at the bottom of Damien's article, I'm afraid.

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