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For Brian - File Recovery


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Hi! Please help, I'm totally desperate. I recently trying to merge all my hard drives into one and while I was organizing it, and before I backed up my backup.. my 18 TB drive crashed. I called the WD company as it was still under warranty and they referred me to a third party data recovery company. I went through with the data recovery and paid 2,000 and just got the drive back. I can see all the files, there is data on them, they are docx, jpeg, CRD, and CR3 files - but I can't open any of them. They are saying corrupt or unrecognized file type. I've tried photoshop, Lightroom, iPhotos, portrait pro - nothing opens them. Is there anything I can do to recover the data on these files? I feel totally heartbroken, robbed, and utterly desperate. 


I have gone back and contacted the company and they are not likely going to be helpful. 

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Which data recovery company did you use?

This is the main problem with Data Recovery software, you usually don’t get a one to one restoration. It’s like putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle without a photo on the box. 

Do you have access to another computer? If so, try opening the files on that computer. Otherwise, you are SOL and need to go back to the stat recovery company. 

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