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Hi, I have some cheapo Amazon speakers for my desktop and they have  worked fine up until a few months ago. I have the volume at 100% on everything and can hardly hear a thing now. I've googled every solution and cannot find one that is helping. Do speakers "wear out" at some point and need to be replaced?

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8 hours ago, CatherineL said:

Do speakers "wear out" at some point and need to be replaced?


Things like Static Electricity and touching something on your computer can also zap them. I killed a nice 2.1 Klipsch Speaker Set. (Had a huge static build-up, touched the metal on my desk, and since I had my wires all bundled up nicely and attached to the legs, the discharge found the quickest way to ground...and that was through my sub-woofer on the floor. After hearing a "POP!" and then followed by a burning smell, I knew my speakers were toast. Speakers can wear out, but believe it or not, this is caused by the amplifier (speaker port on your computer) causing issues. I once had a Sound Card that made my speakers Pop when I shut it off. Eventually, the speaker set died.

It could be Windows itself. What I would do is test out your cheap speakers on a old phone or something. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, you just want to test out the audio. If you can't hear anything from an old Smart Phone or older computer, then you can target your efforts in buying a new set of speakers. If they are loud, then you'll know it's something with Windows or your computer.

Unfortunately, I've dealt with these issues before. The downside is there isn't one true "fix;" you are basically fumbling around trying different things to see what works.

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Ok. So turns out (after unplugging them and pulling them from behind the computer) there is a little knob about 1/4 of the way down where you adjust the volume!! Somehow must have gotten turned almost all the way down. Plugged the suckers back in and played with the dial and they worked perfectly! Ugh!

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