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My screen is way pinker than my prints

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Hi Damien, I've been struggling to calibrate my Macbook Pro. I've tried multiple different white point settings but it's not helping because it appears that its not a warmth issue it's a pink/green issue.

Just to illustrate the problem if I take my photo into ACR and lower the tint by around 30, the image matches my prints. Obviously this is not a solution, just a test.

What on Earth am I doing wrong?

I have a Colormunki Display.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I did try on my son's gaming computer and it appeared to be better than my Macbook, but to be honest the light in his room is abysmal so I will try on my husband's laptop tomorrow during the day and get back to you.

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Ok, I've gone back to default and screen appears cooler and still pinker than my prints, but not as bad.

I have a question which is probably totally ridiculous but if you don't ask, you don't know. 😀

I took a partial screenshot of the white on the Ask Damien page and opened it in Photoshop. It's RGB values indicated perfect white. Is this relevant in any way?

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Ok my Datacolour Spyder XPro arrived and I have calibrated my screen. It's much better than it was :) Is it perfect? probably not but I think it's close enough. I hope it's close enough 😙

I'll go ahead an send some photos in the white balance check area. I'm sure you'll let me know if it's waaaay off :)



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