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veeam backup error message

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HI Brian

first screenshot is what I normally get after daily incremental backup

second screenshot is what I'm getting today... it's now about a third done after several hours

in windows explorer I've confirmed that today's file is an incremental backup type but the size of a full backup

(full backup happens every other month and was scheduled for tomorrow, but I suspect that's just coincidence)

could this be due to a windows update that happened this morning? should I be concerned?




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it just finished so here's the rest of the info below that disk 0 layout change warning

(the warnings re: drive space are par for the course after a full backup)

Thanks for taking a look!


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Found this on Reddit, and it's a pretty good description.

"This means that something like a disk expansion happened and changed block tracking can’t be used, so Veeam will fall back to scanning blocks during the backup and only backing up changed blocks, instead of instantly knowing what the changes blocks are. No need for action on your part."

As to what caused this, I have no idea. It very well could be a Windows Update of some sort, especially if it upgraded to a whole new version of Windows.

I am concerned though, about the messages of the destination running out of space. Either prune your backups or get a larger HD.

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