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Hi Damien,

This is something I struggled with while doing your courses, but to me, in some photos when I'm setting the white balance (correctly from an object or clothing in the photo), it turns the photo so yellow and yuck looking. I'm not sure of the best way to bring it back to looking more neutral/natural/not so yellow in photoshop. Are you able to help?

This photo is an example. I grabbed a section of the white top the baby is wearing to set my white balance and it just looks so bad to me! I don't know if it's my eyes or not! I recently calibrated my monitor using the SpyderX pro following your instructions.

Thank you!

DSCF8557 yellow.jpg

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I see what happened. When I clicked through and it asked me if I was a member of the Raw Class, I said 'no' (because I assumed my membership ended as I can no longer access the course), and then it defaults to the sign up for the Raw Class. So do I say 'yes' to being a member of the Raw Class?

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No, that's correct.  In order to join the Levels Class you need to be a current member of the Raw Class.

You're right to choose "no".

Then on the next page, you have to choose "Yes, I've taken it in the past, and now I'd like a refresher."

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