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Eyeglass Refraction repair!?


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HI Damien, I was wondering, how do I fix the distortion on his camera left eye from the eyeglasses. This is a clients senior yearbook photo and I was trying to avoid lens reflection and completely missed what I did capture!! And, of course this is the one mom picked...only one with his glasses on! Is this fixable? 

Julian Noyola Yearbook Dewitt HS 2016-17-1.jpg

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I'm not sure. Do you think they should be larger? I don't want him to look at his photo and think my eyes are not right. The eyes are the first thing people notice that has been changed in a photo. Through experience! :)  But, thank you for directing me to the spot to fix the problem. Your sharpening class was awesome by the way!!


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Hit has been a while but, i thought I would post my finished photo. I can't say enough about the help I have received from your site!!  I will be signing up for the skin class soon. Thank you for taking the time to teach all that you do!


Julian Noyola Dewitt 2016-17 glass fix.jpg

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