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Managing color space

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Managing color space in ACR and  photoshop/computer 

 I got a new laptop Samsung Galaxy Probook 2 with an extended 27in monitor. (Edited to add the laptop has an OLED display and Full High Definition screen) 

I have tried calibration with 5 Spyder pro.  I have tried literally everything I can think of with managing colors space Adobe RGB 98, Srgb 2.1 etc... My monitor or laptop isnt even displaying my older photos correctly but on my phone they are near perfect. 

I know phones are not exactly accurate amd each one varies, but what I am seeing on my computer vs my phone is entirely different and what people are seeing is what I am seeing on my phone which is trash lol. (They have screenshot what they are seeing and have sent them to me) because I asked them to.  (In 8 years I have never had an issue like this one) When saving to computer images show accurately, but when uploading to web the colors are showing entirely saturated and just totally off. 

I have talked to photoshop they basically told me to try what I have already done. There must be something I am missing any help would be greatly appreciated. ❤️😫

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