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Benq G2400WD Monitor vs SW270C

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Hi there, I’m currently using a BenQ SW270C monitor that I love but I am about to go on an extended holiday and don’t want to pack my good monitor in the car to take with me.  There is a BenQ G2400WD for sale second hand in my area but I don’t quite know enough about the technical jargon to understand how it will compare to my current SW270C.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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This display is no where near your current display. No mention of a IPS (In Plane Switching) Panel type, so I'd skip it. IPS Screens give you a wider viewing angle, and have better contrast, color, sharpness from corner-to-corner than non-IPS Display Panels. Which is kinda important if you are editing photos. We have also found that BenQ Displays can be a real pain to get calibrated.

If you notice under the tech specs of your current display, you will see "IPS" for the Panel Type. That's what you want. Basically, this will be a huge downgrade and is nowhere near a monitor that's capable of being used for editing photos.

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