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Colour not right

There are two things we can try if the colour isn't satisfactory in your calibration.  If the first one doesn't work, we'll try the second.

1. Explore the presets again

At the very beginning of these instructions you explored the different colour presets that your screen offers, and you chose (what appeared to be) the best one.

Now it's time to view them again.  They'll all look a bit different now that the calibrator has done its thing.  See if there's another one that looks close to your prints.

If you find a different preset that looks promising, choose it then click here >>

2. Custom RGB

If none of the other presets look any good, or if you've already tried them all and this is your second or third or fourth time around to this page, we need to see if custom calibration can work better.

If you need to dive into custom calibration, click here >>

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