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iMac RAM upgrade

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Can you head to the Apple Menu and select "About this Mac" and select the Memory Tab. Take a screenshot and post it here I want to see how your slots are configured. From what I'm gathering, either you have four 8GB Sticks or two 16GB Sticks; that said, I think you have two 16GB Kits (four 8GB Sticks.)

If this is the case, we will need to remove all of the existing memory and install four 16GB Sticks in their place, giving you 64GB. Here is one such kit from OWC, another brand I recommend. As time goes on, it will get harder and harder to find memory for a 5+ year old computer. Especially with the still-ongoing chip shortage.

So get me that screenshot and we will take things from there.

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Just as I thought. Go ahead and buy that OWC Kit I linked to. You will need to remove all four 8GB Sticks and replace them with 16GB Sticks. 

Keep in mind, your video card is only 4GB. No way to upgrade that. While 64GB will help, especially with large MP cameras. That said, the current versions of PS are relying more and more on beefier video cards, meaning you are on borrowed time. I have the 8GB version of that card in my Mac and things are getting sluggish, even with 64GB of RAM.

Start saving for a new computer. I’d say you have until late 2024 or the Spring of 2025 for when you replace things. Unless you stay on the current version of PS and don’t upgrade to a whole new Version. (PS 23 -> PS 24, but incremental updates are fine, PS 23.1, 23.1.2, etc.) 

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