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Write down your settings

It's a very good idea to write down what you did today.  Exactly what settings you used to achieve your great print match.  That way, you won't have to fumble around when it's time to recalibrate next month.

Regular recalibration

After one month has passed, you’ll get the reminder to recalibrate.

When you launch the software, it will check for updates, and notify you if there’s a newer version of the software available.

Then, go ahead and run the calibration process as normal. Use your settings from last time, run the calibration, make any tiny tweaks it tells you to, then check against your prints to make sure everything is still rosy.  I promise it will be very quick.

Did I help?

If you've found these instructions useful, you might feel like buying me a beer. There's a blue "Donate" button at the very bottom of this page.

However, beer is not good for me, and buying me beer is certainly not good for you.  Instead, I hope you'll consider my editing classes.  They'll rock your world, I promise.

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