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Adjust RGB settings

At the next screen, the device will quickly take a reading from the white circle, then stop here to tell you how you need to adjust your screen:


You can see that my screen has not quite enough red, and nowhere near enough blue.  This is quite common - many of you will find that your screen has a low blue reading just like mine.

This might cause you a moment of confusion, if your screen is similar to mine.  You see, on my screen all the sliders are at their maximum setting by default:


How can I add more blue if the Blue slider is already at 100?

Don't worry, it's very easy.  You need to leave the Blue slider exactly where it is, and instead bring the Red and Green sliders downwards.  Do it little by little - a bit of red, then a bit of green, then back to a bit more red, and so on.  As you do this, you'll see those bars moving gradually towards their targets.

Hopefully you'll be able to get all three bars exactly on their lines, but don't sweat it if you're slightly off.  Just get them as close as you can.



  1. One of your screen's sliders must always remain at its factory setting.  On my screen it was my Blue - it stayed at 100%, while I jiggled the other two.  And I bet that it'll be Blue for most of you as well.
  2. Even when you've finished adjusting your screen's colours, you might notice that the bars jiggle around slightly.  A little bit of jiggling is normal, but if it's aggressive bouncing up and down that might indicate a problem with your screen. Ask yourself if your screen is getting a bit old, or if it's a bit too cheap.

(Bouncing bars could also indicate a problem with your home's power current.  Maybe you live in a rural area where power isn't so reliable?)

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