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ColorMunki Display erasing color profiles

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Hello everyone, need some help or advice. Recently bought an ASUS 4k monitor, and the coloring was just off. So I bought a Colormunki display monitor calibrator device. Every time my computer goes to sleep, shuts down, or restarts, the current color profiles for both of my monitors are gone! Both of my monitors are accurately the same thanks to the ColorMunki, and my prints are true to the monitor. At this point I have to go into my control panel and reapply my color management profiles to each monitor, every, single, time (Windows 10.).  Also note these are the only color profiles listed, as I've deleted any others. I also know it is not just my computer that this is happening on, as my brother, whom calibrated both his monitors using my exact ColorMunki product and software, is having the exact same issue, using Windows 8.1.
Is there any advice I can get on this issue? Or is it a lost cause and return the item? I am greatly happy with the calibration, however, the constant reapplying is annoying. I would greatly appreciate any and all help on this issue.
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