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New screen issues

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Hi D, I recently got a new screen (AOC I2367FH) and am having a hard time trying to get this right! After several attempts, I have the brightness acceptable (screen brightness is at 0 and used 90 luminance) but the color is off.

Native was horrid, first pic is D65 and second is D55. My print is slightly more yellow and I cant get the screen to match. I have an Colormunki Display.

Any suggestions? Much appreciated



Here is the file

Alice Queen.jpg

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Yip, they are the Munki settings. I have spent 2 days now going through each available setting and re-calibrating to each with little success. I might just do a reset on it and give it another go tomorrow because I think I need a really strong coffee about now.

Also, the lab have sent me their ICC profile to soft proof and I saved it under LibraryColorsyncProfiles as suggested but when I go to View / Proof Setup / Custom, their is no available list in the dropdown box - see pic. Have I missed something? PS and laptop have both been restarted too.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 10.10.41 AM.png

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