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Screen looks red

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Agh. I am so frustrated. I calibrated for the first time about a year ago. I got things as close as I could after getting incredibly frustrated but then gave up. I'm back to try again. I want it to be right.

The issue is that my screen looks to red. When I compare them to the prints, the screen looks redder and brighter than my prints. I have prints from millers and prints from WHCC, both show the same results.

I have an Asus VN 248 Monitor and a x-rite colormunki Display calibrator.

I have literally tried every possible combination I can think of. The closest match seems to be a toss up between have it on D50 and D55 with brightness at 80. I can manually lower my brightness a bit lower and it helps some, but the redness is still definitely there in the screen. Help!

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I've got a laptop, will that work okay? It's frustrating because I can tell it's so close but it feels like everything is just tinted slightly too red, and when compared to the prints it makes them look almost slightly green.

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