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MacBook Pro upgrade?


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Hi Brian, my daughter wants to know if she can add memory to her 2020 MacBook Pro. Specs are below. She uses AfterEffects and plays Minecraft  

I think she should be fine and probably just needs to clean it up. Besides cleanmymac, which she uses, can you recommend any other resources that might help a PC person understand how to tune up a Mac? 

Also she wants to install windows on it for gaming. Is that something we can follow a YouTube tutorial for or should we take it to a professional for that? 




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If you want "more" of anything with a Mac Laptop, you are buying a whole new laptop. The RAM is soldered to the Motherboard. No upgrade slots.

You can't buy Windows 10 anymore, Microsoft isn't selling any new licenses, so you will need Windows 11. You either need to buy a program called Parallels, or use a Virtual Machine Type of software such as the free version of VMWARE Fusion.

I'd buy Parallels for $100 and then purchase a copy of Windows 11 ($139 plus tax) since she is playing video games.

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