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How do I make change the shape of an image to a custom image?

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I'm a total newbie to Photoshop. I took some webpage design classes that touched on Photoshop 15 years ago, but at a super high level and I've only done basic tasks based on psd templates for a side gig I had a few years back.

I'm just an enthusiast/mom photographer. I'm pretty fluent in the "L-word" and when my husband isn't working 108 hour work weeks (medic/firefighter) and I have help with my littlest ones, I plan on starting your classes. 

Enough of my excuses - here's my question. I need to create a poster for my oldest. I used a Canva template as suggested by someone, but I've followed your group long enought to know the file size I can save isn't big enough to print the needed 11x14 poster print and I have Photoshop as part of my Adobe subscription and should be able to figure this out, but every Youtube video I've found seems to be missing a step that it's probably assumed I should know how to do if I'm in Photoshop. 

Do you have a tutorial on achieving something like this? (The file named "19" is the shape options I'm trying to use as the shape of my picture) (It's just a poster they display at games and the homecoming parade, so I don't need it professional level by any means, but I don't want to just type over a photo and call it good. I want it to be nice for him)

Screenshot 2023-09-17 144907.jpg


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DAMIEN, I'M A BELIEVER!! I made this using your "Easy, funky, crazy clipping masks" tutorial. Still tweaking it, but I made more progress in 20 minutes than I have in hours of on and off Youtubing and Googling!


Thank you!!!!

YFL Poster.jpg

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